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Bo Shan Ph.D.


■ Ph.D., Aston University, UK

■ CSO, Antengene Ltd HK listed company

■ VP, Ascletis Ltd HK listed company

■ ED, Shanghai ChemPartner, China

■ GE Healthcare UK

Zhibo Liu Ph.D.


■ Distinguished Young Scholar of National Science Foundation of China

■ Peking University Boya Professor

■ Leading Scientist, Changping Laboratory

■ Joint PI, Peking-Tsinghua Centre for Life Sciences

■ Adjunct Professor of Beijing Cancer Hospital

■ Ph.D., University of British Columbia, TRIUMF

■ Postdoctoral Research Fellow, National Institutes of Health

Maoyi Lei Ph.D.

Head , Early Discovery

■ Ph.D., Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

■ Senior Scientist, Shanghai ChemPartner

■ Director, WuXi AppTec DDSU

■ Sr. Director,  Medicinal Chemistry, Shanghai Haiyan

■ Obtained 7 PCCs and 4 CTAs, 2 in Phase II and 1 in Phase I

Longbin Ye

Head, Clinical Development

■ MSc, Nanjing University

■ Researcher, SPH Central Research Center

■ General Manager , YiTai Pharmaceutical

■ Deputy GM, MITRO Clinical

■ 15+ years in clinical operations

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